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Twist Pile Carpets – Very Durable

A twist pile carpet is made from yarn that has been tightly twisted and set to form a pile with a slightly textured surface.

Ask our in store experts what weight of twist carpet will be suitable for your room depending on the traffic anticipated in any room.

Saxony Carpets – Deep and Luxurious

A saxony carpet is made of twisted carpet fibres that stand up straight with a cut  loop pile. The pile is weaved incredibly densely in order to create a soft carpet fibre.

Provides superior comfort underfoot. Ask our expert for feeler test for saxony carpet while in showroom.

Loop Pile Carpets – Modern and Rustic

Loop pile carpets are a design of carpets that are created using a series of uncut loops. The loops are created using weaving machinery that can be configured to create a set pattern height or go with one uniform height.

These carpets looks very modern and have various wear guarantees on offer.

Wilton Carpets – Adds color

A Wilton carpets is usually woven on a jacquard loom with loops like a brussles carpet but having the loops cut to form a close velvety pile. Wiltons are very very durable and quite a few colours available in this type.

Ask for wool Axminister or man made Wilton carpet while in our shop and see the quality for yourself.

Laminate Flooring – Various Options

This scratch resistant hard flooring has immense power to transform your room completely. Available in modern colours and various plank width.

At Universal Carpets we do branded laminate flooring with the lowest prices available in the market.

Contract Carpets – Commercial Range

These commercial carpets, often heavy duty and meeting all office environment specifications.

We have huge selection of contract carpets with various modern design and various color to choose in both carpets and carpet tiles.

Vinyls and LVT

A very popular waterproof product. We do a wide range of lvt from variety of suppliers. Scuff resistant and scratch resistant waterproof flooring.

We have huge selection of LVT with various modern designs and colors to choose from. Ask in store for best deals.

Furniture And Beds Range

We also have an extensive range of furniture available. From Oak, wood, metal and other materials in both contemporary and classic styles.

Please ask in store for best deals for furniture and more information on the entire range.

We supply carpets and flooring in